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Based on the book #Bébéatrice by Eric Godin and Béatrice Lepage

Bébéatrice is the precocious, self-proclaimed Queen of the castle where she reigns supreme.

Surrounded mostly by adults, she’s been assimilating everything since she could talk. Vivacious, Babyatrice doesn’t beat around the bush and never ceases to impress with her imagination and her frank-speaking observations. Each day is a new adventure, and her subjects PapaGuy, Momanie, Grandma Suzanne, Grandpa Norman, her big brother Theo, her friend Arthur, and her dog Attack had better be on their toes! Extroverted and manipulative, she manages to remain endearing and will sweep you off your feet… whether you like it or not.

the team


Didier Loubat

Content Producer and Writing Director


Beatrice Lepage

Éric Godin

Laurent Paquin

Robin Balzano

Marie-France Landry

Pascal Lavoie

Théo Lepage-Richer

India Desjardins

Mélanie Campeau

Didier Loubat

Mark Camacho

Art director and graphic bible

Éric Godin

Production Manager

Janice Metzger


Mélanie Campeau

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2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021


22 minutes

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