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  • Director: Rudy Barichello
  • Release date: 2003
  • Runtime: 1 x 94 min
A woman, Pauline, goes on a trip and never returns. Is this an act of escape, separation, abandonment, or an invitation for someone
to go after her? A few months following her mysterious disappearance, her fiancé, Simon, learns the terrible news: Pauline died while
abroad. He decides to clean out her apartment with the help of Pauline’s best friend, who is now his new lover. Lazare, Pauline’s
Abyssinian cat, still lives in his owner’s apartment. Lazare has a long memory… and a thirst for revenge!
Cast: Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Isabel Richer, Julie Le Breton, Pierre Lebeau, Louisette Dussault et Frédéric Desager
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