Documentaire biographie

Documentary on Lucie Laurier.  She has not yet turned thirty but her experience as an actress is unbelievable.  She has worked with great directors such as Léa Pool, Charles Binamé, Marcel Simard, Sylvie Groulx,  Lucie Laurier: a name to remember   Presenter:  Patrick Labbé
Documentaire qui porte sur l’animateur-vedette et comédien Normand Brathwaite. Polyvalent et travailleur acharné, il s’impose comme une des personnalités les mieux connues du Québec. Artistes : Claude Meunier, Marc Labrèche, Yves Desgagnés, Yvon Deschamps, et Denise Filiatrault. Présentateur : Patrick Labbé
This documentary spotlights media-relations specialist Francine  Chaloult, whose artist clients innclude Céline Dion and Garou.   Presenter : Patrick  Labbé
A volunteer soldier in 1914 and witness to the rise of Nazism in 1933, the German painter Otto Dix depicted the ravages and horrors of war. With unsparing lucidity, he portrayed scenes that are disturbing and shocking. Art was his weapon. The master who said, “I need courage to paint…
In this series artists Michel Côté, Charlotte Boisjoli and Rémy Girard share their finest professional memories, recounting their respective career highlights with all the verve or which they are known.  Their many fans will savour these recollections of great and unforgettable moments both on the stage and on television.